you can be the monday good news
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you can be the monday good news

today was one of the most rewarding and emotional days of my life as an organizer. my fellow sunrise movement organizers and i stood with organizers from Wallace, Louisiana and St. James Parish as they talked about fighting to literally save their lives and their homes.

cw: anti-black racism, environmental racism

i listen to multiple generations of families from a part of the country with a cancer rate 95% higher than the rest of the country describe their fight to prevent another petrochemical plant from being built in their community. this petrochemical plant would literally be built over the unmarked graves of their ancestors.

please take 3 minutes to read about what's happening:

‘This is environmental racism’: activists call on Biden to stop new plastics plants in ‘Cancer Alley’
Protest over proposed petrochemical complex in Louisiana is part of 400-mile march led by youth climate group Sunrise Movement

please take 1 minute to sign this petition:

President Biden: Stop Formosa Plastics
The fight to stop Formosa Plastics from building a mega-polluting petrochemical plant in St. James Parish, Louisiana is moving to the White House. After a lot of hard work — through the leadership of RISE St. James, the power of the people, and robust legal opposition — construction has been delaye…

if you are white and have capacity, donate to this gofundme so that this land can be returned to those to whom it belongs.

Generation on Fire, organized by Generation on Fire
Members of the Sunrise Movement are marching 400 miles from New Orleans to Houston for guarantee… Generation on Fire needs your support for Generation on Fire

with hope,

katie wills evans