taking a pause
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taking a pause

y'all... i'm not gonna sugar-coat it, capitalism and ableism are kicking my ass.

my hope was to turn this newsletter into a source for reparations, but i've been organizing long enough to know that if the window isn't open, you can't force it and the will just doesn't seem to be there.

i am still teaching full-time at an incredible school that fills me with hope. i am still disabled full-time in a way that makes my energy limited. i am working with my wife and best friend to launch reciprocity.works in hopes of being able to do more than just survive.

mostly, i am tired, but grateful.

i can't tell you enough how much y'all's belief in me has meant to me as a writer and organizer. every time you opened an email or shared a post on instagram, it meant the world to me.

i am putting this newsletter on hiatus for a bit while i regroup. subscriptions have been paused. i will still repost abolitionist content on the @whatwecouldbecome instagram. we will be offering radical education courses at reciprocity.works. if you want more info about those, sign up for updates at the bottom of this page. we'd love to work on any and all projects with y'all there as well.

i will miss you in the interim and i hope that you also find rest in this restless world.

with hope,

katie wills evans