SUNDAY good news & brb nola
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SUNDAY good news & brb nola

my best friend once compared me to those shopping carts that lock up when you try to leave the parking lot. i barely function in other places. however, i love to learn like hip hop harry.

if you've been reading these emails for a minute, you know i've been working to engage more actively with the fight for climate justice. these two tweets have been on my mind:

so i'm committing. i'm joining youth activists from across the gulf south in a 400 mile march from new orleans to houston.

wait like... 400 miles, 400 miles?

yep. 5 of these activists are literally walking on their feet from new orleans to houston. i'm coming with them to help with press and to record a short daily podcast covering some of the places we'll be and things we'll learn. i'll send the link to the podcast in an email as soon as it's live, but the twitter account above is the easiest way to stay up to date.

biomimicry & carbon negative structures

y'all... doing right by our planet is not a future thing. it's a now thing. and it's like... wildly cool looking. check out architect Michael Pawlyn talking about it below:

Biomimicry has positive impact on planet says architect Michael Pawlyn
Exploration Architecture founder Michael Pawlyn speaks to Dezeen about biomimicry as part of our Design for Life collaboration with Dassault Systèmes.

gang gang

EARTHGANG are not only an incredible group, they're also focused on helping southwest atlanta be less hungry and more healthy:

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of American households with children experiencing food insecurity doubled, from 14% to 28%, with communities of color being the most affected. And, in a 2019 survey, students at Jean Childs Young Middle School reported food insecurity to be one of the biggest barriers to their success. EARTHGANG, who first met on a field trip in high school in Southwest Atlanta, hopes to inspire healthy eating habits by restoring a plot of donated land and establishing a robust community garden that will seek to strengthen the local community. In 2020, the duo also banded with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and politician Stacey Abrams to drive out voters for both the national and state elections."
How Rap Duo EARTHGANG Is Educating Kids On Land Conservation & Inner-City Gardens | Atmos
Atlanta rap duo EARTHGANG are expanding their sustainability efforts beyond music and giving back to the Southwest Atlanta community.

we are trash and animals are cute

i watched "the year the earth changed" this weekend and had a great time. there are a couple overly graphic turtle pussy shots, but there's also amazing whale footage and a capybara v. shitzu war, so overall it's very worth it.

if you're interested in watching and don't have apple tv, let me know.

The Year Earth Changed | Apple TV+
Narrated by David Attenborough, never-before-seen footage shows how our living in lockdown opened the door for nature to bounce back and thrive. Acros…

calling all nola folks without a 9-5

the march starts TOMORROW and we're hold a beautiful rally to kick it off. we've got sweet vegan soul food, a brass band, and more. i'd love to see you out there.

Generation on Fire: Project 400
Our generation is on fire. We’re going to bring the heat until they feel it too. Sunrise Hub leaders in New Orleans, Dallas, and Houston are trekking 400 miles from New Orleans to Houston, the path of too many climate refugees, to confront the greedy few executives who steered us into superstorms, a…

as always, i hope this is useful.

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