the last good news of april!
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the last good news of april!

wait... what? time is getting faker by the day.

a gif of Mariah Carey saying "Time is irrelevant to me." while sitting in a christmas-y room.
the gospel of Mariah

fashion, weed, and social media videos are all delightful things if done right. below i've gathered some resources to help us enjoy them ethically.

fashion is fun but often so wasteful. fixing fashion has ideas about how to do better. has their sights set on helping all of us look great without contributing to a trash industry... and they don't want you to pay them.

"However, fashion brands won't tackle the fundamental root problem. At the end of the day they want to sell you something. They continue to fuel the engine of “producing more clothes”. Clothes that weren’t needed in the first place. We don’t need more new clothes, at the moment the world has enough clothes for the coming decade. In shops, warehouses, outlets and our own wardrobes. It’s time to keep those valuable clothes longer, reuse them and take proper care of them. But this change isn’t going to come from the fashion industry. They are not going to promote this on billboards and advertisements. It has to come from the people. From you and me."

check out their resources on how to care for, repair, and create new clothing without making more waste here:

Hello ✋ · Fashion
Hi good to see you here! This is the academy section of Here you can find the knowledge on how to repair, upgrade and care for your clothes. The best thing to do is to watch the video for each section, and below you can find additional information, diagrams and recipes on how…

weed should benefit everyone

post-420 & legalization in new york, i'm thinking a lot about what needs to change about our relationship with weed. in louisiana, 2/3s of folks support legalization.

Experts with the tax foundation say that legalization of the plant could generate millions of dollars, not to mention hundreds if not thousands of potential jobs. Most states that already have it have somewhere between a 10% to 25% tax rate on all their cannabis products. It’s projected that Louisiana would rake in $77 million at 15% and $128 million at 25%.

decriminalization needs to happen like... decades ago and moving forward with legalization needs to be done in a way where it doesn't just produce more wealth for white people. Humble Bloom is a company doing a lot of thinking around how to make the industry more environmentally friendly and welcoming to black and brown business owners. they also have a really cute shop that promotes products in line with these values.

"It turns out that pot can be pretty damn bad for the planet. The cannabis industry currently faces environmental issues around energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution, and waste. But improving growing techniques, cleaning up energy grids, and upgrading packaging can help alleviate some of the damage."
Humble Bloom
Humble Bloom is a cannabis education and advocacy platform that collaboratively curates the culture of cannabis, breaking stigma, elevating brands with integrity, forging partnerships with thought leaders and experts, providing consultative support to humanize growing brands, and connecting diverse …

captions & transcripts are essential for accessibility

luckily there are all kinds of free captioning apps that make it easy for you and me to not be ableist. what we could become is committing to publishing transcripts and using captions for all of our video content moving forward.

some options for captioning are here:

Free Closed Captioning Apps - Ai-Media
We played with three free captioning apps on a smartphone to see how well they deliver closed captions for social media and other platforms.

some levity for your earholes.

aaaaand last but not least i've got a playlist for you because you deserve!

as always, i hope this is useful.

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