some good, good love for your monday
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some good, good love for your monday

some good, good love for your monday

if unclechella wasn't enough to set you up for the week...

i am now over my complaints about DST because it is bright outside and my brain has a light based if then statement for my emotions.

live look at me when it is bright outside.

this week's good news stays ready like Maliya Kabs

if you haven't met my girl yet, i am delighted to make the introduction. this baby is a mainline dose of serotonin and i am grateful.

‘I Like Annoying My Daddy’: 4-Year-Old Who Went Viral Belting Out Selena Songs Explains Why She, In Part, Loves To Sing - Blavity
A 4-year-old girl had the internet dancing along to her tunes after her one of her videos went viral . Maliya Kabs, a little girl living in London, and her dad were in the car driving when Selena’s hit songs “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Como La Flor” came on the speakers. She immediately began singin…

on-the-toilet-activism opportunity

WWAV is leading a #deepsouthdecrim campaign. sex work is work and supporting sex workers is a woman's issue, a black and brown issue, a workers issue, a queer issue, etc. etc. etc. if you've got seven minutes, you can spend 5 of them watching this video and 2 signing a petition to support sex workers in louisiana.

Sign on in Support of LA HB67
We want to show our legislators and community members that, overwhelmingly, organizations and individuals across our state support repealing criminal charges for prostitution-related offenses, such as those stated in LA HB67.

if you're interested in more ways to help, reply to this email and i'll set you up.

re-entry shock is real, like really real

Structured Success has thoughts about carrying lessons from the panaderia forward as creepy uncle joe and his corporate homies try to drag us back to "how things were." these rules are written from an ADHD / autism / neurodivergent lens. if they don't resound with you, that's a good indicator that you need to read them again and build empathy for neurodivergent folks.

a step-by-step guide to staying ready so you don't have to get ready.

i attended a Hollaback! training last week and it met my two benchmarks for good trainings: thoughtful and useful (you'd be surprised how few trainings pass this test). i highly, highly encourage attending a session to be ready to support folks when you witness incidents of harassment.

Hollaback! Free Bystander Intervention Training
Free Bystander Intervention training to stop anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment in the wake of the coronavirus.

some tunes for my goons.

it's the first monday of the month and i've got some levity for your bb ears. i'm really loving this one and i hope you do too.

sending you looooots of love & as always, i hope this is useful.

if it was and you've got five bucks a month to spare, click here.

with hope,

katie wills evans